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Build eco-friendly habitats on the sea out of containers and solar panels. Welcome to the city of the future!

The game has 3 distinct levels:
Cairo - the city of pyramids, is the most beginner-friendly and comes with an interactive tutorial.
Paris - the city of love, has a strange foundation shape that encourages organic buildings.
New York - the city of opportunities, has a really tiny foundation, that provides quite a lot of challenges.

Building Blocks:

1. Containers - main building blocks of any city. Use Q and E to rotate and lock them securely. One container fits 4 people.
2. Solar Panel - containers alone are inhabitable. Attach solar panels to provide a cosy living space.
3. Cables - are versatile tools, they can connect multiple containers and share energy between them. They can also be secured to the platform providing more stability to tall structures.
4. Buoys - initially the foundation is stable enough to support many containers. But it becomes unstable once the mass gets too high. Add Buoys to lift more weight and avoid dipping.

Enjoy the relaxing view and gameplay!

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GenreSimulation, Puzzle
TagsCity Builder


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This game is hard asf but I enjoyed the heck out of it

(casual swearing alert)