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Very fun and cute concept. Like the sound design and graphic design, outside of the hard-to-grok symbols and mathematical equations in lieu of a proper tutorial level.

WHy do we mine things with sludge guns in the future??


Because it is fun :)


Just stumbled across this game and pleasantly surprised. Thanks for sharing!


This is a pretty fun game, I just wish it had a bit more content because it felt too easy and short. Still very good nonetheless! 

How many of those platforms are their? as I cannot find where to sell the stuff that is found deep.

Four, if I remember correctly, I assume you have found them all.
There are no selling stations for all the deeper resources.

Thanks for the info.


This game is tiny and fun, I got stuck in some falling rocks and had to blow myself out a couple of times, but other than thank it was fun

I also found a bug where if you jump and start using your jetpack at the same time, you go flying (This should be kept as a feature tho)

I thought that was intended

im pretty sure it is

well if its intended, its a fun feature


if the demo is representative of the game (at least near its current state, which it should be):

- Game lacks direction. You just suddenly drop in. What are you doing? Why are you here? What do these machines do, for what purpose?

- Things should be spread out and introduced more gradually to give the player plenty of time to understand it.

- Gameplay is cool, but at least at the start, i'm wondering what there is going to be to make it a bit more interesting. I think the pacing is a bit off.

kind of ehhh



This is an awesome looking game!

Accidently turned on autoplay on was like ahhhhhh ai is taking over lmao i love this game

also why does the ai wanna destroy everything lmaoooo

This feels like one of my games but if it was fully polished and was actually fun. Well done! Thanks for making the demo free because I'm definitely considering buying it on steam!

Thank you!

i abalutly love this demo i want more but i dont have enougph money for the newest version


The game won't disappear anywhere; instead, I will gradually make it better and put it on sale in the future. So, wishlist it and keep an eye on the news. 

Wow! This game is really cool! I wanted to start exploring around and play some games and this happened to be my first. This is very inspiring because I use godot as well, so its awesome to see what other people can do

I'm working on a very similar project.
Have you seen the game SPACE MOONSHINER?
It's also in early access on Steam.

Nice GD

oh never mind, its a AWESOME GAME.


Is the progress saved? Cuz I played it once, left and then it restarted.

Not in the browser version.
There is a much-improved version with progression saving available in Steam.

Hello, author of the game! Do you also develop the Android version? If yes, will it have any updates?  Google translator used in the text.

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No, the Android port that might come up in internet searches is not made by us and has no affiliation with us.
We might make an official mobile version in the future, but it can only become feasible if the official game on Steam gets more attention.

sorry i want to say that i never find more base

i never find monsters or more post but i have too much fun finding more and i keep finding more and more i idc if i take months this game is the best the best game ever it has the best concept the best gameplay and its adictiv

i wanna say that this game is amazing and i keep and keep mining for more secrets but i never find more i only fin a bit more of materials and it was useless but i have too much fun its so amazing

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God Damn . . .  😐😐

was so addictive.🔥

that could be better, if  game has some enemy or something like Bat

Thank you!
I'm continuing with the commercial version in Early Access, which has enemies too.

Awesome game, but a bit too short and lacks polish / a real goal. Worth checking out.

How do you recharge your fuel???

You go to the fuel station and hold down E to convert money into fuel.

Thx for the help, i can now find this game addicting

You mine the slightly green rock-ish stuff and the you trade it for something else and then trade for fuel.

can you add save file

Unfortunately, not for the Itch.IO demo (it has become quite old). There is a save system in the Steam game.

thanks for the answer

i crashed the game by just flying XD


same here :)

cool game




the astronaut must be like: ''if I leave I could live my life normally, but if I stay, I could live in riches, sound good to me'' *leaves*


dope af




short but nice

can you add cache saving?

Also, this game has the coolest rubble system I've ever seen.

Not to the web demo currently, it is a bit old. However, the newer demo in Steam has a progression-saving system.

It's just wonderful ! The most beautiful games I have ever seen!

What is the demo music?

Wonderful game.

I found a progression bug - I bought the rocket boot upgrade before the fuel tank upgrade, and I'm now being told to buy the rocket boot upgrade even though I've already got it, and I can no longer progress through the quest.

LESS go full release. Can I have a key?

It is still an Early Access release. Unfortunately, I can not give away keys at this point,  because it would discourage others from buying the game. Sorry!

We are a very small team working hard on this game, so every review is appreciated.

Well within the next 7 days expect new steam download!

One more day, Blastronauts. Prepare for launch.

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