Mine resources! Upgrade your gear! Make Profit!

It is a dangerous but lucrative job. Explore this vast procedurally generated world with your jetpack. Extract the minerals with an explosive gel. Expand your mining platform. But most importantly: stay alive.

The game offers you:

  • Mining and selling resources for profit
  • Exploring an infinite procedurally generated world
  • Making profit and upgrading your gear
  • A lot of explosions


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What a fun game! A few things though. The resource management portion needs to be re-worked. Right now, the only thing that happens is you die and have to go back to get all your stuff. Oh, and the beeping. Also, why are there lives in a game with no enemies? It's just there because most games have it. The exploration aspect should really be the main thing in this game, and it already does it really well. I don't even think it needs enemies, just more stuff to find. Also, maybe I didn't explore this enough, but the stuff you mine needs to have a lot of variety regarding what you can do with it. All I did was sell stone and red stone, and I beat the demo. On my Wishlist! I really hope that when I play this it'll be even better than it is now!

Thank you for the feedback!

Enemies have been a widely requested feature that I think I need to add. But I agree that resource management and exploration should be the core of this game.

The health (lives) is intended to be another upgrade path that helps you to survive a little longer when using more dangerous weapons.

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Of course! 

I often play demos of games and get bored, just because of the unengaging design. This game is so simple, yet so captivating. Enemies would be amazing, I just think that they shouldn't just be monsters who walk back and forth in a little chamber in the ground. I'd love to see creative enemies, like leeches, or vultures, or moles that dig around freely. 

More weapons would be awesome as well. Looks like you really know what you're doing. I can't wait to play it! Thanks for reaching out! 

super fun game! would be fun to have creatures, plantation, objects,inventions around to explore aswell and some enemies to fight or obstacles to dodge to get better minerals and the controls for the jetback could be less wild. lovely visuals! had a blast playing


I am looking forward how the game will be  progressing in development. Definitely I suggest to try it, even for a few minutes.

Web version worked fine for me. The quality of the game is great. Nice graphics, animations and music. Controls are fine too. I was stuck a few times between the rocks, but I guess you just need to be careful, and even if so you can still blast the rocks a bit to get out.

I did not have time for a longer gameplay, so I am not sure what is inside after a longer play time. Some NPCs and / or enemies would be nice to see.

Keep up the good work! 


This game is simply amazing. I just wish it saved progress.

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Very impressive, indeed! Great game! I saw your presentation at GodotCon 2021. It got my attention. It is in my wishlist already. Congrats for the great work. Looking forward to get the full version!


Dude, this was truly awesome! In my wishlist for sure! Though can you please add a depth meter and levels, so that we can see where we are on a scale from 1-100. Still cool though! 

Well Done!

I love the art for this game and the gameplay feels good.  However, I feel like the game is missing something.  It doesn't feel like there is any obstacle between me and winning the game.  I feel like the game needs maybe some sort of alien enemy or maybe rivaling mining companies.  This would make the game have a significant obstacle to overcome in addition to just making the game feel alive.

I didn't explore much deeper than I had to in order to beat the game, but I wonder what incentive there is to go deeper.  If all the ores can be traded in for the same currency and everything can be bought with that currency, then couldn't you just stay near the surface and only collect those ores?

Yep, I completely agree.
That is why I already have the enemies and hazardous biomes in the works.
A rivalling company is a really good idea as well, but I'm not sure how to implement it yet. I definitely don't want the player to feel like they are owning the company, quite the opposite. But what I like about the rivalling idea is that the players could choose their own company and then organize into discord chats and start working towards the common goal :)

Okay so,if you go too far into the skies (like 2 minutes of flying straight up) and still have fuel,you will start falling,when you are supposed to hit the ground,it won't be loaded in time aaand you will fall forever

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Love this game so much! I think it would be awesome to have some kind of stats or level next to the jetpacks and weapons, because right now, I genuinely have no clue what is the best. It would also be nice to to know how many platforms there are, because I've discovered 4 platforms where stuff can be traded, but I'm not sure if there are more. Some kind of depth meter would be very helpful for for knowing when to head back. Also, a Mac version would be wonderful! 

Keep up the great work!


Thank you for the feedback.

I broke the game....


amazing! I want full! 10\10

I honestly cannot wait for the full release of this game! I have been absolutely hooked on the demo, is there a planned release date for it yet? I literally cannot wait any longer!

I also want to release it sooner rather than later.
However, I also need to make sure that the game is in a very polished state during the early-access launch otherwise it might fail and never recover. So, unfortunately, I can't announce the date yet.

It wont load for me

I assume it is the web version that is not loading for you. Can you tell me which browser are you using?
I'm not sure if I'm able to fix the web build, but I hope the Windows version will work.

Im using chrome on a School-issued chromebook

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 i noticed there's some extra minerals that have no platforms to sell them at. and there seems to be no max speed for the jetpack, as it just keeps getting faster if you go straight up from the surface, and the game really doesnt like me doing that

This is true. I didn't think that people would play so long to get the better resources from the depths. The faster falling speeds can break the game a bit and I will add a speed limit in the future, but for now, I think it is a cool discovery once you have played through the rest of the game, even though it is still a bug.

ah okay, ill be looking forward to further updates.




very nice


i love this game

I really love this game! But I can't figure out how to save D:

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Sorry, the saving feature is not done yet.

is it still in dev?


Yes. Implementing persistence is a difficult task. Although I have made an initial solution, I want to rewrite it before the game release. Naively saving all the destroyed blocks and their coordinates to the JSON file does not scale well.

is there a finish date or is it too early in the dev stage?

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It is a bit early. But I want to start with closed alphas/betas soon.


yes, yes, yes. great game, 100/10 quality


a real fun game, i totally will play it when it release

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are you planning to build a macOS version?


Yes, but maybe a bit later, because I don't have a mac to test it on.


This game makes me smile :)


Your comment makes me too. Thank you!

wonderful job! I'm gonna add this to my wishlist, it's a really neat concept.

Thank you, I'm glad you liked it.

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A lovely little game and I was sad when I realized it's only a demo. Some observations I have made is that the upgraded gel sprayers only increase rate of fire not explosion strength or range. Problem is fuel is valuable, which makes the basic sprayer the best choice as it can be used with scalpel precision for low fuel cost and high reward. I would love to see sprayers that are better differentiated.

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Yep, I'm planning to add more diverse weaponry to the full game. But I think that the more powerful equipment should still have some disadvantages to keep the balance. I also have some cool ideas about how to make the player want to change the weapons and use some crazy ones that are really hard to control.

Nice loop the games got going, pixel art looks really good also.

Few things if you're looking for feedback:

The critical warning seems really inconsistent, like 1 time it was all shaking and "critical" when I still had 1/4 left, another time I'll have less and there won't be any warning.

Balance seems off. I brought a fuel upgrade almost instantly but refuelling costs so much I never got past 1 bar, felt like I screwed myself over massively for making 1 experimental purchase.

I died instantly and have no idea how. I went from full hp to 0, I didn't even look like I was caught in the explosion. When I respawned I wasn't really clear on how much progress I'd been set back.

Thank you for the feedback. I definitely must address these issues in the full game.


Es uno de los mejores juegos 2D que he jugado en itch.io, literalmente tiene una muy buena jugabilidad, muchas cosas para explorar y también es muy adictivo, le doy un 30/10


I freaking love this game  I have found no bugs 5/5 Not even including the great pixel animations and art also character style Unfortunately I Wishlisted even though I won't be able to afford it assuming you will monetize this game.

Thanks! I appreciate your wishlisting, it will help. And I'm considering a very affordable price point as well.

Can I Review this game on Youtube?

Of course!
It makes me really happy when people are sharing and making videos about my game. I recommend to use the windows version instead of web, because the audio is better.

I am not plugging but fyi you can watch it at Unkn0wn: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuhAF6_nN1FGNwvSSgsZoKA?view_as=subscriber I promise this is not a plug. video will be posted soon.

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Wow! I am shocked by the quality of this game; the graphics and quality are so smooth.

For the record, I'm playing with a touchpad right now so I'll update this once I play more with a mouse. I did notice if you're holding A or D while right-clicking, you can't use the jetpack, but that's probably a quirk of using a laptop. 

Also I'm assuming it's intentional that if you saturate a wall with gel, some will come bouncing back at you. Adds to the challenge. 

I'm excited to see how challenging the world becomes and how scarce the resources are. Hoping that I won't be punished too much for using fuel, as it's fun to aimlessly explore. 

Thanks! That's a great feedback. I should probably make a better control scheme for keyboard only users.