DevLog 8: Building Effect

In this DevBlog, I will share my secret for making this cool looking building animation.

The animation is done with just a shader which makes it quite reusable. The shader gets the following 32x32 composite texture as an input.

And it packs quite a lot of secrets. First, the red layer contains the background frame. This is gradually faded in to make the first layer.

The green channel of the texture contains this. This is layered on top of the framework with glowing colour.

The blue channel contains little patches with different brightness. This is used to fade in the actual sprite.

This is the result when these layers are combined:

Finally, the colour markings are also animated on top. And this is the result.

I hope you liked this inside peek, and learnt something new!
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Hey, I absolutely adore this! I am trying to learn shader and would be interested in trying to reproduce your shader during my dev stream. I will create my own textures and will credit you as the original creator, would that be okay?

Yeah, that is ok.
I would appreciate it very much if you can mention the Blastronaut game as well. Thank you!

Thank you and yeah absolutely, my stream doesn't really get many viewers, but I will credit both you and mention the game, so whatever few people might drop by the stream and see it, will also see the name of the game.